Broad Reach Partners

Broad Reach Capital: Made to Measure

Investing is one area where capturing opportunity from risk has very real value. Through our affiliated Investment Advisory Firm Broad Reach Capital, we work with you to understand your specific circumstances to structure a made to measure approach that precisely fits your investment objectives and risk budget.  Our client’s ultimate success is determined by our capability to define and implement a plan to achieve investment objectives within a comfortable time frame and to receive enhanced return with reduced risk.

Always Exceptional, Always Personal 

Exceptional service is paramount to our mission of assisting you with careful management of your investment capital. We provide creative solutions because every client is unique. We give you individualized attention and make ourselves, as the firm’s principals, directly available to you.  Our team includes a network of professionals who are distinguished in their field of service and bring decades of investment credibility to work for you.

A Thoughtful, Informed Investment Process

We begin with an assessment of your general account balance relative to:

  • Overall asset balance / maturity
  • Claims history
  • Liquidity needs

Next we consider the impacts of the prevailing macroeconomic environment

  • Global credit markets
  • Global equity markets
  • Geo-Political Concerns

We then craft a custom risk budget for building your specific investment portfolio

We continually monitor and make adjustments based on:

  • Reserve and surplus levels
  • Market dynamics
  • Claims
  • Changes to the operating company’s revenue, profit and liability profile
broad reach partners not one size fits all